DF portrait

DAVID FULLER                                                                     American     b. 1940

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, I spent most of my life in Atlanta, Georgia.  After high school I studied art at the High Museum of Art under Carley Craig and Maxine Yalovitz.  It soon became clear that an art career would have to give way to the economic priority of the real world. I switched and enrolled at Georgia Tech.  I was graduated in aeronautical engineering which included architecture studies.
Putting the art part of me on delay, I headed for a career in engineering and science.  At first, I worked locally for Scripto, Inc. and developed a wide range of patented products.
In 1985 I founded Liquid Crystal Sciences.   We focused on manufacturing small disposable medical devices.  These pioneering products used special liquid crystal materials to measure body temperature.  They were also used in drug testing kits.
I sold the business in 1994 and with my wife, Joanie, moved to Naples, Florida. It was on to Goodland in 2007 and at that time we added a summer home in Homer, Alaska.  We've been married 46 years and have one daughter and two grandchildren.
I did enjoy my first life, but I never lost my passion for art.  Now in my second life, I'm a full time artist with studios in Goodland and Homer. 
It's been quite a ride!
1.  All of my works are acrylic on laminated Gator board, an archival material. 
2.  All backgrounds have a signature texture to add depth.
3.  All art is original...no giclee prints.
4.  All art is framed and ready to hang.
5.  I retain the copyrights to all my works.
6.  I can ship anywhere.  You pay for it.