I guess I'm a lucky guy. I winter in SW Florida and summer on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. And I paint in both places which are worlds apart in lifestyle and diversity. DF portrait II

As a kid just out of high school I headed to the High Museum in Atlanta to pursue my passion to be an artist. My teachers Carly Craig and Maxine Yalovitz got me all revved up. However, it didn't take long to figure out the economics were not there so I high tailed it across town and started college.

Forty business years later, with current family obligations taken care of, I'm back to square one. I'ts call retirement by some ...I call it hurry up and get 'er done.

Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol remain my role models. They deliver a simple message for the common man, woman or child in all of us and I like that.

My thanks to Joanie, Carol, Healey, Addren, Alexis, Teresa, Julie, Bev, Judy and Irene, my girls, who pushed and encouraged me to be born again as an artist.

I hope you like my work. Have a great day.

I've got things to do.